In Service presentation impressions

I just recently gave my very first in service presentation and was struck by 2 things immediatly

Those who are interested and those who are not ……

You can tell who they are by the way they enter the room and seat themselves.

The interested individuals were more energetic and vibrant ..looking around the room to see if they could get a clue of what was for show & tell they also smiled and shared greetings they also took the time to help me feel welcome.

Then you had the uninterested individuals I knew them by their too busy to smile or even make eye contact attitude …they carry a distinct air of major self importance …lol

It was hysterical or would have been except for the fact that these Too Busy personnel are the very same people that will carry that same attitude into their case reviews and patient visits .. oh how sad I feel for their patients.

Not to dwell on the negative ..there were more smiles and inquisitive minds than not and that was indeed a blessing to me and their patients.

In service’s are usually attended by the care staff typically comprised of case managers, physical therapists and nurses it is their job to review patiens / clients cases and also to stay updated on changes in the medical world.

They stay in tune with updated products and services by listening to the visiting presentors;typically a presentation will run 10-15 minutes.

Learning is a never ending aspect of care taking. There are constant changes in products, services, and so forth. If they are not listening they are not learning.Make certain your care takers are listening it is a sign they care.

If you should be in a medical environment any medical environment where it is difficult to establish eye contact with the staffers /personnel  or to engage them in pertinent conversation that is a bad sign and a heads up to possibly consider utilizing another care staff.

And these were my first impressions of an In Service Presentation

 Teresa Joyce / patient care advocate

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Universal Design could be considered smart medicine

Anything that keeps us in good shape is Smart Medicine to me.

A livable home is essential to ones happiness & health

To shed more light on the subject of good health and how it ties in with universal design homes is Rosemarie Rossetti ..she knows alot and will be sharing her knowledge this week here in Austin Tx.

For more information visit

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Why Oh Why

Ask yourself that question before you consider trying them. 

FunctionAll Linens are not for everyone; just ALMOST everyone. 

Lost ...1 remote control

I spent about 50 or so minutes a week doing exactly this

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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